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Patchwork Cushion. A cushion of firsts and my seams lined up!!! WOOOP!

So with my new tools I set about making a patchwork cushion for my bestie’s birthday. I decided not to make a quilt as she probably wouldn’t use one that much and her birthday is 13 days after mine which didn’t leave me a lot of time to do anything too extravagant. I wanted to […]

New tools!!!!

Hiya one and all!! So I have a bit to catch up on, I have been busy doing other bits and bobs and haven’t been able to update you on my sewing deets! As you may remember I was waiting for my birthday to do anymore quilting/sewing/general crafty stuff as I had asked for lots […]

Fabric Addiction!!!

I am currently not making any quilts as I am waiting for my birthday to get brand spanking new tools to play with! In the mean time however I have gone absolutly crazy buying fabrics!!! I only have one haberdashery shop near me and they sell a bit of fabric but not as much as […]

#2 Indra’s Baby Quilt

Quilt numero two. The first one started, second one finished. I had been wanting to make a quilt for a while but just hadn’t got round to doing it. I then had a week off of work and one of my best friends was about to have his first baby. So I thought BOOM I […]

#1 Higgeldy Piggeldy…first ever finished quilt!

So this is sort of my first quilt. It’s the second to be started but the first to be finished. It is so so not perfect and there is a lot about it which is wrong but I love it so much! The blue fabirc is from a bed sheet that I found in a […]


So I have created a blog. I have not done this before but I have recently become addicted to making quilts and after trawling through tonnes of blogs looking at other peoples handy work I thought I may as well make my own to document what I have been doing. I am a total beginner […]